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Bonnie Simulator

Bonnie is a famous animatronic from Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Now, you will get a chance to become that animatronic in Bonnie Simulator which is a good game created by a fan. Playing as Bonnie will bring you the most different experience ever, and its gameplay is not the same as other FNaF games that you have ever played before. Once joining, you will take on a role of Bonnie who is ready to wander around the pizza restaurant and makes an effort to enter the office of a night watchman in order to kill him. This sounds like a plot twist, right? You will have to move from the Show Stage, travel across other rooms and locations as you try to dodge all cameras. Your final destination will be the office, so make sure you pass all obstacles on your way. If you get caught by the security guard, you won’t be able to enter the room and jumpscare him, which causes your game to come to a failure. Good luck!

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