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Night Shift at Fredbear’s

Night Shift at Fredbears

If you want to experience more horror nights at a scary building, then Night Shift at Fredbear’s game can suit your desire. Get this fanmade FNAF game now and play it on your own computer. There are many challenges waiting for you ahead. The game drops you in a restaurant where you have to work from 12 AM to 6 AM. You are tasked with monitoring the entire building alone yourself and you need to ensure that nothing will get damaged. This job will become easy to handle if the animatronic robots don’t disturb you. You have to utilize the cameras to track their movement, close the doors in time and turn on the lights to check on everything around you. Do not let any robots enter your office, or else you will be jumpscared. Surviving this night shift at this restaurant is not an easy thing, but that’s what you must conquer. Wish you luck!

Night Shift at Fredbear’s

Night Shift at Fredbear’s (Android)

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