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One Week at Buggy’s

One Week at Buggy's

One Week at Buggy’s is a great fan-made game following the story of Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is being developed well and you will not have to “wait long till the release or maybe a demo”. Play the new title and embark on an exciting part-time job. You are hired to work on the nightshift at the blue bunny restaurant in the local. It is known as a mysterious building with unresolved disappearances.

Your mission in One Week at Buggy’s Gamejolt is simple. Just watch the location to see if nothing tor strange is wandering around and report them. However, your official challenge will start when animatronic mascots appear. They behave unusually and they are searching for you to kill. Download One Week at Buggy’s free and you must prevent all of them from breaking into your office! Otherwise, they will murder you once you get caught. Don’t skip the presence of devices around your space! They will be weapons to push the foes back. Good luck!

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