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Super FNaF RPG

Super FNaF RPG

If you’re a loyal fan of FNaF games created by fans, you should take a chance to explore Super FNaF RPG now! This fan-made game promises to give you many challenges and chances to have fun with your animatronics as well as join new battles. Freddy and his friends are ready for their new quests and battles! You will help them explore all challenges and defeat all enemies. These animatronics are popular characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon. In addition to this, there is another wicked animatronic that you will come across in the game, his name is Puppet Master and he shows up for breaking the world once again. This guy is calling a lot of other members to join his clan.

Playing Super FNaF RPG gives you a new experience! You will get a chance to direct your animatronics, feel free to explore the whole new world. Your main objective is to defeat all enemies, conquer all battles as well as pass all deadly traps in some scary dungeons. Wish you luck!

Some features in the game

Check out several cool features in Super FNaF RPG:

  • Search for new friends and ask them to join your party. Help them engage in battles with you, utilize their abilities to get rid of wicked enemies
  • Buy more attacks and keep your skills upgraded over time. Utilize your tokens to buy some stuff in the shop.
  • New plotline featuring in the game
  • Try your best to go on traveling and level up.

New endings

You will get these following endings if you:

  • Defeat the Easy Mode
  • Finish the Normal Mode
  • Conquer the Secret Worlds

You can download Super FNaF RPG right now and then begin to conquer your adventures:

Super FNaF RPG

Link download

Standard Version

Link download

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