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Terror at Max 2

Terror at Max 2

Play Terror at Max 2 Gamejolt a fun-addicting horror Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired fan game available your way! Just point n click promptly you will be able to seize more opportunities to increase your survivability! It is about a dark adventure set in a haunted building. It is a popular place in the local area due to unresolved secrets. Unluckily, you are trapped while there are many rumors revolved around a mysterious roaming animatronic. However, it does not stop there because you can find more scary creatures.

Download Terror at Max 2 free and remember to show up your skills strategically! It will help you deploy your plans effectively. So, you must ward off them or block those hostiles from approaching your space. It is very helpful to stop their jumpscares, the main attack that they carry out to kill you. There are 5 nights, Night 6, some special challenges, and other items waiting for you to solve. Good luck!

Terror at Max 2 (demo)

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