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Ultimate Custom Night Download

Ultimate Custom Night is a new downloadable chapter in FNAF series. The game has been officially introduced on Steam and GameJolt by Scott Cawthon. Players can totally check it out and immerse themselves in another frightening adventure full of famous animatronic characters. Ultimate Custom Night (abbreviated to UCN) will be the latest “gift” that Scott Cawthon wants to dedicate to his fans from across the world.

What is Ultimate Custom Night about?

Ultimate Custom Night

When it comes to “Custom Night”, surely the hardcore fans of FNAF games will think about tweaking and customizing the animatronics following their own styles. “Custom Night” is known as an extra night allowing players to experience further challenges with lots of animatronics modified by them. In UCN game, the gameplay bears the similarity, which means that players are totally able to mix and match any kind of animatronics they have chosen, as well as establish their difficulty, from level 0 to level 20. Basically, this custom night has nothing different from the previous ones, excluding for the word “Ultimate”. The reason that it’s called an ultimate night is that it will be an ultimate confrontation between players and up to 50 selectable animatronics coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s series.
Ultimate Custom Night Download
Ultimate Custom Night is described as “ultimate FNAF mashup”. Among 50 animatronic characters, you have to pick up your favorite ones first, after that, you can start customizing them. The game places you in an office where you must protect yourself from the animatronics trying to enter it. From your desk, you have to start checking some places like two side doors, two vents, two air hoses and even two Pirate Cove curtains. Except for the Pirate Cove, the rest spots will directly lead into your room. Therefore, you need to be sure that they won’t be intruded by any animatronics. In addition, you can totally fend them off using the in-game tools, such as a global music box, a power generator, the heater, A/C and so forth.

Players are freely able to set up some perilous laser traps in the vents to defeat the animatronic creatures easily if the tools are not strong enough to help them. At the end of the night, the players will gain some points that are completely depended on how many animatronics they have faced during the game. Also, the points can be counted on the difficulty level that each animatronic was set. Then, they can use the points for unlocking some great cutscenes. In addition, players also should purchase some items at the prize counter using their collected Faz-Coins so as to increase their survivability.

Ultimate Custom Night

Download Ultimate Custom Night at here

In-game features

  • Great Voice acting from new arrivals to the franchise
  • Lots of office skins and cutscenes that are unlockable.
  • Players can experience 16 themed challenges.

Patch notes

The biggest advice from Scott Cawthon for all players is that they should frequently check new updates and make sure they will update Ultimate Custom Night to a new version so they will gain a great gaming experience without any bugs. At the moment, Scott is working on improving some new versions of the game because there were some glitches found in the game, for instance, both Springtrap and Mangle had some issues in the first versions. They will be fixed in the new ones! Besides that, you can totally explore a low-detail mode to help with FPS in the patch. Make sure you unclick the “visual effects” button when the character select screen turns up.

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