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Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2

Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2 The Official Demo Released

Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2

It’s free to download and enjoy two releases of Fnaf Ultimate DSMIS Night! It is a fangame consisting of some factors from 2 popular games by Mojang and Scott Cawthon. After loading, you can embark on an interesting mission with multiple characters from the DSMIS saga. Besides, you are able to mix & match every type of them if you want. It means that the cool Fnaf Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2 allows you to reset the enemy’s difficulty levels, from 0 to 20. So, their aggressivity will be modified, depending on what you have adjusted. However, they are still dangerous and you must defend yourself always if you expect to survive and become the winner.

Other features

In Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2, you can check out several exciting items such as

  • The challenge menu with ten themed quests
  • The voice acting
  • Many cutscenes for every 500 points
  • Easter Eggs
  • Death Minigames
  • and so on!

Ultimate DSMIS Night V1.1

Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2

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