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Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2

Weekdays at Wilbur's 2
Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2

Play Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 Gamejolt a cool FNAF fan-made game and defend yourself from all of the scary roaming animatronic monsters! Attempt to survive! They will attack you with jumpscares if they invade your office successfully. After a post of your college is posted, you accept to work at a building called an animatronic testing facility as an overnight security guard. In which, you will be required to watch over equipment, especially robotic mascots coming from many different locations. In other words, every scary robot has been gathered in the place where you run a challenging nightshift.

Download Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 for free and complete the sequel to Weekdays at Wilbur’s by preventing them from breaking into your space! Similar to creatures in Five Nights at Freddy’s, your enemy can wander around areas when they wake up. Via cameras, you will know the spot they are lurking. However, you cannot supervise every corner. Therefore, try to act carefully and stop them promptly! 

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Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2

Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 Game Soundtrack

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